Double Mini Review: Ziggurat & Baseball Superstars II Pro

Double Mini Review

By Janus32

Main Title Screen

You will most likely see me intro like this a few times for any games that we dive into for the pocket rocket that is the IPhone system. Games are hard to come by and since the inception of the IPhone, people have been cash cowing trying to make games that would suit those “on the go”. There is nothing wrong that if your on the train, pop on a game if you dont have any other portable console and just kill time with a game. But sometimes there are games that are perfect for times like this.

But Ziggurat, what a name…but is it the game that you would want on your IPhone?

You are the last survivor of the human race, your standing atop of a tower. Just you and your gun and against the enemies of humanity gunning for your life. It’s your last stand, you’re “Alamo”, the final hurrah, whatever you want to call it.

Your going down, you know it…

But just how many are you going to take down with you?

Stuck on top of a tower, your main objective is to take out as many aliens before you are overrun. Its a simple objective. But can be difficult to execute. Your character will not be able to move, only movement is that you can move your aiming for your gun which is done by moving your finger from left to right on the screen and vice versa with in a 200 degree arc. Or for all the math geniuses to be technical 180 degree arc.

Your only weapon is a “charge” gun. This charge gun can be held by leaving your finger on the screen and it builds up energy in the form of a green ball. Once charged you take your finger off the screen and you shoot an energy round. Pretty simple contols. Though there is a tip for those that will vest some interest into Ziggurat, when you charge up your energy round, try and see the point at which the energy ball is at its largest then let loose. This is the most powerful shot you can do in ths game, though it takes a few precious seconds to build up, the reward is worth it. Charging up to the point of release (wow did that sound weird?), you can take out multiple enemies with one shot. There is another way to play other than moving your finger manually in the arc, you can actually play the game as “slingshot”. This is a real challenge and to be honest, may not be the preferred playstyle for alot of players.

BOOM! Headshot!

As you read the tutorial (for proper gamers i like to think who want to properly inform themselves than just jump in head first and figure it out on the fly) they have a main point to make, like zombies, aim for the head. Instant KO to the alien infestation. The alien menace range from a few different types. You have your “walkers” who just walk towards

This just shows how busy the screen can get. See how big that alien freak is? Can be a tough one to take down

you from the bottom of the mound, who you have to aim quite low to dispatch. You have your “jumpers” who bounce vertically in small or high distances towards you and fire projectiles which your energy rounds can destroy. You have your “flyer” aliens who have wings and can attack from above and then you have your “behemoth” type aliens who are massive, and take several charged shots to take down. As you progress further by annihalating (from what i have played) over 100 aliens, you will encounter faster enemies which are spaceships. This is when things get real nasty and chaotic very quickly. I forgot to mention, you have one life and if one alien touches you or your touched by a projectile, its game over.


The game is certainly different. its one of those games that challenges you with no end of enemies, just to test how far you can go. Now some gamers I know play and play and play for the highest score and theres nothing wrong with that. But some may just try for this game a few times and give up. Its a great challenge, I can honestly say i still visit it from time to time to sharpen up my senses and even try and beat my score. Also you when you get a score, you can either tweet it or facebook it for bragging rights.

Get It
Forget it

Get it. For $0.99, its rather cheap, and this is a game that is best suited in short stints say when your on a long car trip, on public transport, or just waiting for a friend to get to a destination. It’s a perfect game for those reasons, but also if your a high score achiever.

Its a real test of your skills. A test that I gladly revisit from time to time.
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Baseball Superstars II PRO
By Janus 32

Main Title Screen

With games coming in by the day full, its not only consoles that are getting some big hits. Where do the smaller developers start? Where can they get their footing before hitting say the PC, Playstation or even XBOX? Why it’s the smaller devices like the Apple Iphone or the Android systems.

Games can range from all sorts, whether they be action with violence and gore, 3D Games or in this case, sports games. And usually the premise of those who are not that into sport would stay away from the genre. Baseball, American Football and even Olympic styled games are making an approach.

But can these games actually turn a non sports person to play sports games?


Typically a Baseball game is a Baseball game. A pitcher throws the ball to the batter, the batter hits it as far as he can and runs 3 bases, makes a home run and scores a point for their team. Nine innings are played where teams swap and bat and pitch. Very easy to follow, very easy to understand just in case you didn’t know what Baseball is (if you still don’t know…wiki it?).

Baseball II PRO is a cute mix of ‘supernatural’ powers and baseball itself. There is the main game of earning your runs, but in the way that you do it is quite interesting and very different. Derived from Gamevil Inc.the studio that has brought in numerous Baseball games which has now turned into a franchise, the game boasts several indepth systems. You can change and upgrade the skills of your players whether they are batters or the pitchers, you can change their appearance as well in terms of what kind of bats, gloves, helmets, shoes and even hairstyles. Each change to characters all have attributes. Whether you can increase their batting accuracy, their running speed, their percentage of hitting home runs, the list goes in. it is very indepth, and one can customize each and every player. Though players for each team also get “Super Players”. These players have outstanding attributes, that if done right, can turn the game for you if used correctly. They are available for both your batters and your pitchers. Each with their own superpowers, they can be the factor in which you win or you lose. It’s Baseball meeting an RPG (Role Playing Game)

The list of Super Players, some are harder to unlock before others. Note that characters can be customized with some…very different gear.

There are two different currencies that you can earn in Baseball II Pro, one is money (of course! And I mean in-game money) and G Points. Either of these currencies can help you in purchasing items, and if you feel as if you need an extra boost, you can purchase with real money, G Points to get whatever you need.

The gameplay from either side of pitcher and batter is very simple to grasp and get used to. For pitching, it is done in 3 stages, you first choose what kind of pitch you want to make (fast ball, sudden change ball, slider ball, cutter ball etc), you choose the direction and of course you choose the speed of your pitches. Like real baseball, mix it up for devastating effects.

You can of course train your team, as well as take them out for outings for school appearances, quiz shows, and to the hospital if their morale goes down too low to heal them from sickness. These again have different rewards and benefits, so explore and see what you can do to better your team.


Baseball II Pro’s presentation is really ‘easy’ on the eyes. It isn’t pixels or cutouts of say baseball human players, its been stylized in an anime form. Anime being derived from Japanimation. Like Pokemon, Bleach and Naruto in case you may not have known. So the little details like the bat hitting the ball is accentuated with stars as the bat strikes the ball, the Japanese accent of “Out!” and “Safe” and “Strike 1” and even the pitchers reaction when you hit a home run, the eyes bulge out of their sockets in surprise. Its all very comical and quite entertaining. And the game makes doubly sure that when you do manage to hit a home run to make you feel pretty good about it with fireworks and loud music. It feels like quite the accomplishment.

This is the pitching screen. Note the choices on the left and right and the red button marked ‘super’. Super is the button to use for a special pitching move.

With the overall sounds and music of the game, other than the sound effects of the bat hitting the ball, catching a ball in the glove and the announcer yelling the plays, the game’s music is quite limited. Music only runs through the menus and when you upgrade or change the stats of your players. During the actual game, no music is played.

Final Comments

As a gamer that is mainly invested into action games, games with good storytelling and moderately violent games, Baseball II Pro is an addictive game that has plenty of things to do in terms of tweaking your team, goals to set, points to earn, money to earn and so much more to do. For a game that is priced at $2, Baseball II Pro is a game that packs a lot of content to explore and enjoy for the pricing that its only charging and has opened my horizons to check out more sports games of this calibre.

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