Double Mini Review: The World Ends With You & Elevator Action

Mini Review – The World Ends With You Solo Remix
By Janus 32


The World Ends With You is a title that is known to the west, but in Japan its known as “It’s a Wonderful World“. Though titles are different, they both embody the story which has led to the success of the cult hit game that was released in April 2008 in the western countries and about a year earlier in Japan itself. Since its release, it is still a game that many Nintendo DS fans would be able to recognize. It recieved  high scores through all video gaming media considering it was developed by Square Enix and Jupiter which is well known for its handheld games within japan.

Now with a revamped version such as now with “The World End’s With You: Solo Remix” being released through the Apple Store by  h.a.n.d inc which is another japanese developer, there is a sense of nostalgia coming back to this game that originally left yours truly, in tears. Yes, I said it.

But is this replay going to be the same? Or are reboots of movies, TV series or games just another trend for it to fall spectacularly?


Neku Sakuraba is an anti-social kid. Plugged into the world of his headphones and music, he is a loner in all respects of the word and its meaning.

Until he wakes up in Shibuya and though he walks around the busy district, no one sees him, until he meets a girl named Shiki Misaki. She can see Neku but alas the people around her cannot see her either.

Shiki explains that they have both died, and that they have a limited amount of time to participate in a game run by a group called “The Reapers”. Failure to complete the game or lose at any time and they are really dead.

Neku having no idea what is going on, let alone whether he trusts Shiki, reluctantly follows her to start the game…


The World Ends With You (aka as TWEWY) Solo Remix comes back with alot of bells and whistle that further enhance the game in its longevity. Not only does it more colourful and refined in its presentation, but it hasn’t lost any of its appeal. As mentioned earlier this game was released in Japan first, and then a year later released in the west. The game setting is very japanese and for some reason as the game keeps going, its just perfect.

In the strictest sense, the gameplay remains largely the same as players from the Nintendo DS will attest to as they go into this reboot. For new players, we only hope they do not break the screen. Like the Nintendo DS, players will control Neku’s movement and strikes via touching and swiping the screen. They control everything including moving the story along by tapping the screen.

The main difference other than the consoles and platform the games are on, is that on the DS Version, it was split screen. Like the title mentions, this outing is a Solo game, and not split-screen. You are only able to summon your partner to assist in attacks.

How Neku gains his ways of attacking is the collection and purchasing of pins. Pins have their own designs and move sets. Example one with a straight swipe does a normal slash attack and another pin with a circular swipe can open a black hole. The combinations vary and later as you progress, you will notice pins have their own “level”. Like Role Playing Games, this is where you can level up your pins and make them powerful as they rise.

With these as your weapons, as you fight you build up a meter that enables you to have your partner do a double team on every opponent on the screen, this can get really chaotic but boy does it look great. When you go toe-to-toe with a boss, that can be frustrating, but like any japanese game, there is always a way to beat the boss, sometimes it takes some creative thinking and that is appealing.


Though this essentially is a port from the Nintendo DS Version, there is nothing lost. No degradation of the graphics, sounds or even music. It has been perfectly passed over onto something smaller and arguably more powerful than the Nintendo DS, and its impressive. The great thing that has always stuck with me from the port to this Iphone/Ipad version is the music. Music plays a key role in this game, and its still tremendously impressive to see that is kept and retained to the original degree if not more.

The game’s actual feel in terms of language and the game setting is typical of Japanese culture that is today. At the time of the release of the game, its how the world in Japan was, the young people that is. There is always a misconception that Japan is about a few years ahead of the western world, what say, here in Australia is behind from what the Japanese are in terms of technology and society. That they have more style, more skill and overall are more crazier in some aspects. Reflected in the storytelling, players will be drawn in, I am not saying this as just saying it for the sake of it. Players will be drawn into it, and if a game can do that as new players come into this game, then the game is truly worth it.

Final Comments

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix isn’t your ordinary Japanese Role Playing Game (aka JRPG). it is a game that is richly in-depth and can be confronting to some that are not used to games that require training, grinding and most of all patience.

Though another factor not mentioned that could push people away is the pricing. Here in Australia, the pricing is $20. Now that may sound steep, but as it is 1/3 of the price of the Nintendo DS game, and the value for money this game is, most gamers such as myself would see this price tag and not give it any hesitation. For others and especially newer players, it will invoke hesitation.

But believe us here at Guerrilla Gamers United, for such an enriching and in-depth game, there isn’t many games that will provide a great balance of story, gaming and everything else you can think of in one package. It’s rare. And like anything rare, you’d want to have it.

Forget it
Buy it

Buy it. You will not regret the purchase. Don’t mind the pricing at all, this is a game that will last for hours, immerse you in its story and challenge you. Isn’t that what we are looking for in a game? Those qualities?


Elevator Action Deluxe

By Janus 32

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You don’t get any games that are simple anymore. Megaman had a simple premise but gosh was it hard to play due to its level of difficulty and non-instructions. Now games today ‘lead you by the nose’ in being linear and very informative to get you to the end by use of markers and waypoints.

Elevator Action has none of these, especially when it first came out. First started in 1983, the game had several simple goals and objectives. It went on to last for many years.

But as a reboot to this once revered game of the 80’s and early 90’s, is this “Deluxe” edition worthy to reprise the name?


Otto is up to his old tricks again, stealing classified documents from various buildings. He works for no police force, no government, he just does what he needs to do. Starting from the top of the building and making his way down searching the rooms for the documents while at the same time avoiding agents hot on his tail trying to stop him.

Otto needs cunning and wit to hide in rooms, use elevators to his advantage to get away from the agents, make it to the getaway car and move onto the next big score.

But Otto isn’t alone, he has some new friends that have joined him in his thieving ways…


As a newcomer to this game and not even being born in 1983, Elevator Action Deluxe is paying homage to an era that was for its simplicity and there’s nothing wrong with that. But in this day and age of modern gaming, it will not be played for long unless there are achievement whores out there that want the trophies. But what it does succeed mainly is its simplicity means it can be revisited time and time again without forgetting how to play the game because of how easy it is to resume.

Some Multiplayer action, and in this case…multiple Otto’s

Otto and his friends (friends who are downloadable content which i will go through in a paragraph or two) have simple controls. Left and right to move as this is a 2D game (pressing down also crouches your character), though kinda looks 3D, X to jump, Square to use weapon, pressing up and down can go in and out of doors as well as controlling elevators. The premise is to start from the top of the building and get to the bottom with all the doors marked with files in them. As mentioned dodging agents is one problem, other problems that players will need to be aware of are alarms, sound alarms (if you use your weapon that makes a noise) and the time. This isn’t a game where you rest on your laurels, as you progress to harder levels, quick decisions must be made and Elevator Action Deluxe actually pushes you to think laterally and on the fly as well.

With all these factors, what comes down to it is that Elevator Action Deluxe is a race against time, and it can be exhilarating, again because of its simplicity. But spicing up the game is more characters, and they are abit more difficulty but at the same time refresh the gameplay.

Otto has a weapon he can use, its a gun. This can disable enemies but it should not be relied upon especially walking in dark areas and trying to hide from agents. Another character is a girl named Saya who is a Shrine Maiden from the game Kiki Kaikai which was a top down, multi directional shooter, a game almost similar to Zelda. Saya is equipped with a bow and arrow.

Weapons for each character do help, but can only be a bandaid as you move down from each level, players will need to rely on their cunning and speed. Its what Elevator Action is all about.


Elevator Action isn’t a groundbreaking game and with it there are not that great breaking visuals. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not mean for this to sound harsh but in a sense it’s a good thing. Its paying homage to the original game that was released back in 83’, the sounds and the look of the characters, the enemies and the actual building interior have a look of 8-bit ness.

A 3D View of Otto unloading on an enemy. Ooo thats gotta hurt…

Final Comments

Elevator Action is a game that aforementioned, is one to have if you want a quick game to earn some trophies or kill time. It’s simply controlled and it’s a simple objective, get from point a to b within the time limit and have a maximum score.

The amount of levels in the game is abundant and could last you a long time, depending if you want that max score, but as a breather to challenge friends as well, it’s good for a party game, but one to have in your collection?…Probably.

Rent it
Forget it
Buy it

Rent it. Ok so you probably cannot rent the game, but if you can play the game at a friends house, then go for it. But if you get the game for ones self, then that it’s a game as a way to pass the time.

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