DMC: Devil May Cry Review

DMC: Devil May Cry Review
PS3, XBOX360
By Janus 32

dmc-devil-may-cry-wallpaper1We reach 2013, a new year and a lot of games on the horizon, ironically most of the triple A games are all franchises. Ending in a 2, a 3 or in this case a reboot.

For those that were there in the days of the original Devil May Cry that graced the Playstation 2, Devil May Cry was a mixture of action, puzzle and a beat em’up mix of game. It was strange at first, but the character of Dante is what made the game so much more appealing due to his cockiness, arrogance and stylish moves. To this day that still remains the same. The puzzlers, the action and Dante doesn’t seem to have changed one bit, and that isn’t a bad thing

So one has to question does this reboot have the same premises of the previous games? Why is Dante so different? And is this game really worth your time in demon souls?

The war between the Angels and Demons has been waged for centuries. Unbeknownst to the world, they seem to be closer on earth then a lot can imagine, specifically known as ‘Limbo’.

A group by the name of ‘The Order’ has been busy with terrorist attacks against the capital. But no motive has been accounted for.

A young, rather cocky and arrogant man wastes his time boozing and enjoying life with women is the norm when suddenly his life is shattered when a girl comes to warn him of an imminent attack from the demon world. Seconds after being warned, the young man is dragged into ‘Limbo’ and a demon appears and destroys his campervan of a home.

Upon defeating the demon, he is convinced to join the order to fight for a greater cause, but before that he must know his origins as he does not remember anything from aged 7 onwards due to a life threatening sickness.

The name of this cocky and arrogant young man?



DMC:Devil May Cry has always been predominantly a beat em’up game and it has a lot of style. Though some may misconstrue the franchise as button mashing, in a sense it is and it isn’t. Just like its predecessors, when you fight you are ranked as you defeat enemies by a ‘style’ meter. Continuing a combination of hits is not enough, but in the way that it is done. Example, slashing three times with the rebellion sword, launch enemy in the air, slash enemy in air 3-4 times as a juggle, slam them down, change to Revenant shotgun and shoot once, change to your new heaven weapon ‘Osiris’ and slash a few times, launch again and switch to Ebony and Ivory then slam down opponent with your Rebellion again. This is just one of many combinations you can do to increase your style ranking. Going from lowest D – SSS, you’ll know when you’re styling it well. Pro:Tip – When you see an enemy about to attack, their weapon will glow at about 2 seconds before strike, tap the dodge button then resume the carnage.

Dante is a man of many talents, as he progresses through the game, new skills and weapons are unlocked and this formula is still evident. The iconic duo of Ebony and Ivory which are your twin pistols and your sword Rebellion make a nostalgic return.

A screenshot of the gameplay. As you see in the top left hand corner is Dante's health bar and the purple bar is the devil trigger. On the right you can see the style meter building, currently judged as a C Grading

A screenshot of the gameplay. As you see in the top left hand corner is Dante’s health bar and the purple bar is the devil trigger. On the right you can see the style meter building, currently judged as a C Grading

What is new to this instalment of the DMC franchise is Dante can switch between two modes, the Heaven Mode and Devil Mode. Heaven mode has a new weapon, a white/bluish coloured Scythe that deals damage to multiple enemies called ‘Osiris’, good for crowd control when Dante is surrounded. It’s also a great weapon to continue combinations, and even increases in power when used for an amount of time that will give strength to your other weapons for a short amount of time by glowing. The Devil mode is when Dante will have a weapon called ‘Arbiter’. It is a heavier weapon that looks like a huge one sided axe. Slower to swing but its damage is tremendously high against enemies. Another new feature is Dante’s heaven and hell weapons act as grappling hooks to traverse levels. Hell mode will pull objects towards you while Heaven mode pulls you towards objects. You can uses these grappling hooks for enemies as well.

Though these are just some of the weapons that you will get early on in the game, there is more to unlock and more to earn as you progress, and you would think by the end of the weapons collecting you wouldn’t have all the buttons for them all, but to switch between your ordinary weapons and the heaven and hell modes, its just by your D-Pad.

Dante's 'Girls'. Ebony and Ivory

Dante’s ‘Girls’. Ebony and Ivory

Another old favourite that comes back for Dante is his Devil Trigger. Though this time it acts very very differently again from its past games as time will slow, but enemies will be thrown in the air. To inflict massive damage and continuing your style gauge, you must juggle your enemies while they are in the air. Let them touch the ground, they will recover and attack you and it is highly likely they will hit you and interrupt your combo. It also replenishes health when executed. Though this is the new Devil Trigger, it feels less…powerful. In the past games, Devil Triggers seemed to last longer and building them up was at a moderate speed, its just this time around, building up the meter is slow and using the Devil Trigger drains very quickly forcing you to make every slash/move count.

When you visit the divine statue during your campaign, which is another name for shop and also can be visited between stages a collection of red soul orbs will be your currency to purchase health items, resurrection orbs, devil trigger items and so much more. Silver orbs are earned per stage depending on your style of fighting which is then used to upgrade your weapons and your skills. Making your weapons have more damage as well as the moves you employ with that weapon are upgradable.

You will also notice that each level will have certain things to collect. Freeing trapped souls and several different keys. The souls provide you more red orbs, but importantly is the keys. The keys unlock secret missions that once completed successfully, you will obtain rare items.

The DMC franchise has always been, in a sense about religion. That what exists in this world is two planes of the supernatural. The Angels and warriors of above us in the realm of Heaven and the sinister underlings and horrific monsters that dwell below in the pits of Hell.

DMC:Devil May Cry comes in with the premise of being mixed into those worlds and reality. When Dante has to fight demons and angels, he doesn’t fight them in the real world, but he fights them in ‘Limbo’. Limbo is the blurred plane between reality and the demon/angel world but Dante is not transported to either, he stays in the real world but whatever environmental damage is done in limbo effects the real world.

This kind of presentation is shown during the campaign, and environmentally speaking, it looks good. It’s a different take on the DMC franchise, and as a reboot this was great to see. The colour palettes that mark the real world and Limbo is very different, Limbo is a decayed and destroyed landscape as it meshes with reality, but reality is more just like what we see every day, its normal and sunny and…serene.

Could you imagine being dragged into Limbo at a moment’s notice? That’s Dante’s adventure in this latest reboot and there would be no doubt I would have some serious headaches.

Dante drawn in Anime form

Dante drawn in Anime form

The fighting systems that is presented for this DMC is rather fluid, and again like previous games, it’s very stylish. The change between weapons and either doing an air juggle or taking out multiple enemies with a wide hit range is satisfying to pull off. Ninja Theory and CAPCOM seemed to have gone to great lengths with the fight mechanics and it shows. It’s very very fun to execute.

One thing to note as well is the kind of music that is the soundtrack of the game. The music is quite metal and abit of screaming. Nothing wrong with that, it fits with the games atmosphere as Limbo is not a pretty place, and Dante just looks like the kinda guy that would rock out to some seriously hardcore tunes. Some people may dislike this, but if you do or you don’t, you will soon realize that it does work.

Final Comments

The Devil May Cry franchise seemed to have been hitting the same formula when it had released Devil May Cry 4. With this reboot of seeing how Dante was a young kid and how the events of the previous games came to fruition as Dante and Vergil grew apart, the canon is really great to see for those who are not familiar with the DMC lore.

Though the formula is still the same. The single player aspect, the upgrades of weapons and moves list and the boss battles are still the same. There is no multiplayer, but there is some replay value with over 5 different modes. One such mode that has enemies have standard health but if you are hit just once, its game over. Yes, truly hardcore for the hardcore DMC fans out there.

Get it
Forget it
Rent it

It’s a get it game. Why? It mixes a good story and action as a single player game. With no multiplayer in sight, the formula though been used over and over again in the franchise, it doesn’t fail in the slightest. For the newest Demon Hunter, this would be aspiring for them to start with this reboot before getting the HD remakes of the other DMC games and DMC4, for those who have the collections already, this is a great edition because it begins the story of Dante and Vergil and its a refresher for the series and there’s nothing wrong with this reboot of the franchise.

Dante's Twin Brother, Vergil. He does not sport any projectile weapons, but the only weapon is his Yamato which is a Katana forged with Heavenly powers, unlike Dante who eventually only wields Demon Powers

Dante’s Twin Brother, Vergil. He does not sport any projectile weapons, but the only weapon is his Yamato which is a Katana forged with Heavenly powers, unlike Dante who eventually only wields Demon Powers

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